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Lucid Advisory is a boutique corporate finance and advisory firm, we provide tailored cum strategically optimal financing solutions and business advisory services to large corporates, small & medium enterprises and start-ups at every facet of their business life cycle.

We understand that accomplishment of businesses is directly linked with optimal capital structure at least cost. Owing to our years of experience, we have pioneered in providing these services and we also protect you from restrictive lending policies, unreasonable collateral requirements, high interest cost, long disbursement issues, long sign-off practices and auxiliary business risks.

With a vision of providing niche, cutting-edge and efficient solutions; Lucid exists to empower entrepreneurs and business owners in achieving goals which will make them more profitable. Lucid Advisory strongly believes in innovation which was also recognised in November 2018 by Maharashtra start-up & Innovation Council as it was awarded as the best innovative start-up idea Award by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis.

In order to provide business owners a lot more than they expect, we have embedded core values like integrity, perseverance, and transparency as deeply nurtured by our ancestors. We, at Lucid Advisory, follow these to the

core while dealing with all stakeholders be it investors, customers, bankers, vendors, and employees to provide an enhanced and most efficient ecosystem to everyone.

Pillars of Lucid Advisory was founded by a first generation entrepreneur Mr Ashish Singodia who had mastered the art of debt funding and structuring at his very early stage of professional career.

Our approach: Professional, independent and confidential advice for hassle-free access to finance and innovative business solutions.

November 2018 awarded as the best innovative start-up idea by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra,
Mr. Devendra Fadnavis.

Our Story

The story as narrated by the Founder Mr. Ashish Singodia "The seeds of Lucid Advisory were sowed subconsciously in my mind when I was 19 years old. It started when I first saw my father, who was a small-scale supplier of building materials, deal with nationalised banks to avail an overdraft facility to meet his working capital requirement. During those days, bankers took advantage of my father’s limited exposure to banking system by charging unreasonable fees & interest rates, which made the entire working capital loan unviable for him. In addition, the irrational documentation coupled with delayed disbursements, further dented the project".

He continues "Coincidently, I became a Banker during early days of my career where I got exposed to similar experiences for other customers who were seeking loan. I also realised that many of the customers did not opt for the product which suited their needs, this was primarily due to lack of knowledge and quality advice. This experience as a banker made me realise how my father and other visionary businessmen / entrepreneurs could have gained more due to proper guidance, timely services, and better interest rates; all these would directly lead to higher productivity, robust business growth and higher profitable, eventually leading to the overall positive impact on themselves, and the society.

That’s how I thought of creating a platform to channelize the right resources to the business owners by giving them a lot more than just a ‘loan’".


Ashish Singodia

Founder and Managing Partner

Deepika Singodia


Advisory Board

CA Anand Jain

CA Shrenik Shah

CA Sunil Sharma