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The Ex-Gratia Payments

Are you still wondering what is ex-gratia credit you received in your account? Or how did they (government) calculate this amount? Am sure, most of you have heard a lot about ex-gratia payments. Let us see what it is. What is the ex-gratia payment? Its a grant extended by Govt of India, which is calculated …

Do you know the impact of deferring your EMI?

In order to mitigate the risk of economic recession, RBI on the 27th of March’20 announced some relief measures for easing the financial crisis looming over the country. In our today’s article, we will try to decode these announcements in a layman language. We will be as elaborative as we can for our readers. So …

5 Reasons Why Structured Finance is better

Guidance in time can save your Lakhs! Let’s say, one day you have got a huge order and your company needs a loan to execute that order. What will you look in any loan, while applying? Which bank will give me, at what rate, what amount, how will I repay? Sounds simple enough? Right? Maybe …